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Our Mission

This site will concentrate on 2 piece molded fiberglass campers. The type that are built like a fiberglass boat are the most durable campers on the market. However, they are not without their faults. Throughout This little, I will document the corrective actions I have taken to eliminate future problems. A lessons learned section will serve as a quick reference for a list of hard learned lessons and mistakes. From time to time, I will update an article when new information becomes available. Visit often and learn from my mistakes and save yourself a lot of money and time.

A camper like the Casita can last 50 years or more and stay in showroom condition with a little preventive maintenance. I am testing the latest fiberglass care products on the market from the boating industry, and I will give you a real world honest evaluational of their performance. I grew up around boats, and before joining the U.S Air Force to become a computer, communications, and electronics technician, I spent my late teens and early twenties as an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified automotive painter. I bring to the table my experience with fiberglass composite materials, automotive paints, professional polishing materials, electronics, Information Technology, and RF (Radio Frequency) communications equipment. If a product works, I will use it and endorse it. If it fails to perform, I will document it. I hate wasting time and money on products that fail to perform.

Throughout This Little, I will focus a lot of my energy on Green materials, products, and technology that have the least impact on people and the planet. This site is about sustainability.
We have the technology to create our own energy from the sun and the wind and reduce the need to run a generator or be connected to conventional power sources. When and where ever possible, I try use the least toxic, renewable materials available. If I use products that pose a potential health hazard to people or the environment, I will explain the safest way to use them, and the reasons behind why I choose a particular product or material. Additionally, I will do my best to provide links to related safety material, and the products (Material Safety Data Sheets) MSDS.

UPDATED 8/2/2016